What is EDGE-X?

Evangelize the Lost, Disciple the Found, Give back to the Community, Edify the Church, all to eXalt the Savior.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is EDGE-X?

Hey everyone (who cares)!

I thought I would get into this whole blogging thing and try it out. Not sure how "good" I am at it (if you can be "good" at blogging), but I will offer insightful comments and I encourage your comments as well. I hope I will encourage you in your walk with Christ, but more importantly, I hope I challenge you in your walk. To me, a faith that is not refined in fire really isn't faith at all.

This blog won't be totally about controversial things, but when they do come up, I hope you feel free to comment. But keep it kosher, guys. None of this bashing each other or swearing or any of that crap. I mean, come on, lets be adults here. Let's have some good discussion and hopefully learn a bit.

Many of you are asking, "What the purgatory is EDGE-X?!" EDGE-X is a ministry acronym God gave me a few years ago that really encompasses my entire outlook on ministry. Everything I do, I sharpen to an EDGE.

Evangelize the Lost (Reach Out: Matt. 28:18-20),
Disciple the Found (Build Up: Acts 2:42-47),
Give back to the Community (Show Love: Matt. 5:16; 20:25-28),
Edify the Church (Live Loud: Col. 3:15-16; 1 Thes. 5:5-11),
all to eXalt the Savior (Glorify Him: Col 3:17).

So now you know. Feel free to use the acronym as you wish, but don't abuse it. May God bless you as you go though your day! Look forward to the upcoming posts!

Following His Call,
(Isaiah 6:8)


  1. This is awesome I subscribed to get updates. at least I think I did it right. You know i'm not too computer savvy. Love the acronomym - our God is so awesome. I plan on sharing it with lots of folks and inviting them to the blog. Reminds me of the time I was taking a class with rich lee (former associate pastor/youth leader at westside) God was really speaking to me throught the verse in Isaiah 55:8 & 9 that says "...my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts, as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts and my ways higher than your ways" We were studying prayer and the Lord's prayer and this verse was part of the week's daily scripture readings. It dawned on me that if we are a reflection of God maybe we are seeing thinks exactly mirror image backward and that's why we often don't understand what God is doing or don't sometimes get it. It isn't what we would do because we aren't seeing the picture as He would see it and won't don't get to see the whole picture. Any way God gave me YARP as I was praying help me to pray as you want me to pray help me to have more quality prayer time. I don't want to just talk to u God I want to have a deeper relationship and converse with my best friend. so YARP popped into my head and He told me that I was praying backwards "PRAY" but He want "YARP" perfectly mirror image backward. Y = You confess (confess your sins so I can remove the clutter and filth that seperates me from sitting at my Father's feet and really having a heart to heart talk - He can't be where sin is A= Adore (tell Him how great and wonderful He is , the things I saw recently that put me in awe of Him or the things that I need to just acknowledge his majesty and power, and brilliance in R= Rejoice (the stuff I need to say thank you for especially the little stuff - our God cares enough about me that he helps me with the mundane and little stuff as well as the bigger stuff and the stuff he helps my friends and others with - thank u for all the cool stuff He allows me to see Him at work at all around me and especially the stuff He invites me to work with Him in - what a blessing "Blow" me away that the God of the universe would invite me to be at work where He is already working !!! P= Petition (pray for others concerns, needs, worries and lastly my own) If we are truly going to be Christ like and "have an attitude the same as Christ Jesus" Phil 2:5. Shouldn't we try to model how he prayed? He came to serve not the be served and give His life as a ransom for many. Matthew 20:28 Then I shouldn't start off my prayers by putting myself first and praying the other direction
    P = Petition (God me, me, me, me) I should be 3rd truly 3rd. God first, others second, me third. even in my prayer life . It changed everything for me praying like this especially in my quiet times. So YARP when I pray Y= you confess, A= Adore P= Petition (for others first then myself) EDGE-X will change how people live it out - Awesome. Thanks for sharing. You and our God Rock.

  2. sorry my head got ahead of my fingers
    YARP Y= You confess
    A= Adore (tell God how great He is)
    R= Rejoice (say thank you)
    P= Petition (pray for others then yourself)
    Truly be 3rd even in your prayer life

  3. I have heard of that before! Thanks for the reminder! I'm so glad you're following me and looking forward to your comments! :D


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