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Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey everyone (who cares)!

Alright, so I woke up this morning after having a very inteersting dream.... Normally I have some pretty epic dreams (which I plan on recording here eventually) and most of the time they have some type of symbolic meaning I can normally disypher later when I wake up. But while in this epic dream, I am not aware of the symbolism: I am just living the adventure.

Like I said, most dreams of mine are epic and very long. Not this one. No, this one was so short and uber simple. What was even weirder is, while I was dreaming, I knew what the symbols were. I know this was from God, trying to tell me something.

In my dream, I saw two animals in a field of grass: one a baby fox, and the other a baby polar bear. They were playing together when suddenly the fox stumbled upon an ant hill. The fox was facinated by it, sticking its nose down in the hole. The polar bear backed away, keeping a distance, watching the fox. Eventually, a single ant crawled out of the hold and onto the fox's nose. It ticked the fox at first, but the fox found it facinating and didn't move; it just watched this ant crawl up its snout onto its head. The ant crawled around the fox until it got on its belly, wehre the fox rolled over on its back as it felt the ant tickle its belly. The fox then moved his head next to the ant hole and more ants came out, crawling onto the fox. The fox squirmed with joy, enjoying the ants tickle it all over.

All of the sudden, hundreds of ants poured out of the ant hole and surrounded the fox and started to consume it, biting into it and digging their pincers into its skin. Some managed to crawl under the skin and into the fox. The fox jumped up and yelped, trying to get away, but it was too late, the ants stung with their stingers, paralyzing the fox to where it couldn't move.

The entire time, the polar bear watched from the sidelines, motionless, wanting to help, but not willing to go forward. Soon, the ants had completely consumed the baby fox until all I could see was a black mound of ants.

Do you see the symbolism yet?

The fox represented my heart and mind: sly, curious, eager to learn, and innocent of danger; sticking its nose in places it didn't belong. It should have followed the model of my soul -- the polar cub -- and stayed far away from the ants. The ants are sin: playful and fun at first, but deadly in the end.

One sin isn't going to kill you, but the more you play with it, the more you invite it in, the more others come. Just like ants, sin's multiply and grow, with one leading to another. If you didn't know already, ants put down a special chemical to mark their trails so other ants can follow, so where one ant goes, others will quickly follow it. That's why it is so important to crush your sin before it leads to others.

I had been letting the ants eat at my heart and mind until it realize it was under attack. Then it was too late. The neurotoxin kicked in, and I was left numb, my pure and white soul where Christ dwells untouched watching from the sidelines. If I would've let Christ take over, we could have charged in there and rescued my heart and mind, but I sat paralyzed from the sidelines.

I want to say this has a happy ending, but I woke up before we could rescue the fox. I was left with the polar cub nuzzling the broken and bleeding fox, morning over the loss.

I am still pure. I am still bought with a price. I am still His. But my heart has been tainted, as have all of ours. Its our choice now what we do with it. Will we let Christ revive it and keep our nose out of places we don't belong? Or will we sit there and mourn over our loss and continue to live like we're dead? The choice is yours. Let God take control.

Following His Call,
(Luke 19:10)


  1. Why hasn't anyone commented on this yet?! This is the kind of stuff you should submit to some Christian magazine for publishing! Seriously! I'm glad you're learning to hang w/ the polar bear and not so much w/ the fox, bro! :-)

  2. LOL. thanks. according to my friend, after reading this, she calls me a "Biblical Badass". im not sure if that's sacrilegious or not.


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