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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 19

Day 19: Acco, Haifa, Caesarea Maritima

Hey everyone!

Here we are in another day of excursions and travel (i.e. another day of tiredness). Right now, we are in Haifa, listening to a lecture on the psychology of the conflict against Judaism. I am having a hard time following, not because I am typing at the same time, but because I am not sure what point he is trying to get across. He keeps talking about anti-Semitism and how Billy Graham and Richard Nixon made some bad comments, but I don’t get his point. *le sigh*

We have already stopped by Acco/Aaco/Akko/Aako (however you want to spell it, just pick one). Acco is a maritime city, one of the most influential in history. Sadly, we did not get to explore it all. We had to rush to Haifa for this meeting.

(…a few hours later…)

I finally understood what this guy was trying to say. I really started to piece together his argument after we started asking him some questions. You can see what he talked about and my take on it here (Coming Soon). But anyway, back to today.

We just finished eating dinner after swimming for a long time in the Medditerranean Sea. That was a blast! I can finally say I got to swim in the ocean (after two years of missing my family vacations). I was starting to have withdrawals. Yet the beaches were nothing like Daytona Beach. These beaches were sandy up to the water, then it became a rock shelf for a long time. You had to be really careful when venturing out so you didn’t cut your foot (which sadly happened to one of our team members; we all sympathized with him).

Sam wanted to go out in the water too, but was not familiar with the ocean. As it turned out, our swim in the ocean became him clinging to my arms or neck as I tried to swim from one rock to the next while dodging waves at the same time. I still had fun. I always feel so accomplished when I help kids out with stuff like that.

I did get to take some underwater footage on my camera. While they are not that impressive, I think it was just flippin’ sweet I even got to do that! I hope to put the videos on line soon. You can see them here (Coming Soon).

 What was just as cool was venturing around Caesarea Maritima. That place was so cool, considering it was right on the coastline, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! One of the coolest things I found out was that they are doing underwater archaeology. I want to do underwater archaeology! That sounds so cool! Much of the city fell below the sea after massive earthquakes racked the region. I just want to see what underwater archeology is like. That sounds so much fun!

Anyway, I am exhausted. I am off to bed now. Goodnight!

Following His Call,
Philippians 2:5

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