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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey everyone!

Today I was the "Editor's Pick of the Day" on Bloggers. If you don't know what Bloggers is, it basically is a social networking site for people who blog. I noticed one of my friends was on it, so I thought I would join too, to try to get my blog spread around to more people.

While being the "Editor's Pick of the Day" sounds really cool and an honor, there are three people each day that are the "Editor's Pick." I have a feeling these things three are just chosen at random, so I'm not totally blown away about being on the front page of the website and having everyone see my blog. Still, I am totally humbled and grateful that other people are seeing my blog and reading it.

So far, I have noticed I have about fourteen of you all who are dedicated followers. I would hug and kiss you all if I could as a sign of thanks. Well, maybe not the kissing part. I am okay with kissing, but American society dictates that kissing is inappropriate behavior among certain people, so I will refrain. Oh, how that bugs me: our double standards in this nation! But I will save that rant for another blogpost....

I thought I would take this time to thank you all for following me and reading my blog. I can't express enough in words just how much you all mean to me, knowing that you are reading what I say and actually listening. It feels nice to be listened to and not taken out of context. It is nice to vent to people and feel loved and accepted by them. All of you have a very special place in my heart, and I thank you for being patient with me in the good times and bad.

Every comment you write makes me feel appreciated and accepted. All the encouragement thrown my way drives me on, wanting to to more. I hope you all feel blessed by what I write I as i am as blessed by what you write.

I thought I would also give some shout-outs to some of my favorite blogger friends. Besides Jon Acuff (who I follow rather religiously) and Ed Stetzer (who I recently started following), there are a few good friends of mine who have some pretty cool blogs.

My good friend and roommate, Ian Reed, has a blog called Excess Thought. I always enjoy his posts, even though recently dedicated more of his time to vlogging. You should follow him at I Am Slightly Awesome on YouTube. He's a pretty awesome guy.

Susan Horak, another GREAT friend of mine always has some amazingly powerful things to say at her blog, Searching for Susan. She is a sweet young woman--so real and lovable--who, in an attempt to discover herself, shares some helpful insights that impact all of us.

Jon Street and I go way back, and in his blog Word From the Street, he relates real life questions and problems we deal with every day and brings them to us in a new light. I always look forward to hearing his unique perspective, because oftentimes, he portrays something in a way I have never thought before.

The Journey has Just Begun belongs to my college friend and fellow comrade in mischief-making, Tiffany Najbart. Her blog revolves around the random musings in her head and the thoughts she experiences. Her way of writing always calms me down and reminds me to not take life so seriously all the time.

When one of my best friends moved to Alaska, I thought I would never see him again. Yet I still get to follow Kevin Lawson on his blog Kevin in Alaska. I really miss that kid. He writes about his living in America's last true frontier and makes me uber jealous for not being there with him.

Jill Overturf, one of my most favoritest people, talks about her church planting experiences as well as her new life in a new town in her blog Thoughts Above the Canopy. I always enjoy hearing stories from her about her adventures--and sometimes misadventures--of parenting and children's ministry.

My newest friend may be a little zealous, taking on two blogs at the same time. But I know Adam Swensen: he is a world changer and has the charisma to do it. In The Next Generation, he makes a plea for our generation to take a stand and do something in this world; to make a change and impact this world for Christ. He also is writing with two of his other friends in a blog that was just started called Singular Spectrum. I am excited to see how this one turns out. I am really happy at what I have read so far.

Last but certainly not least comes the wonderful blog of Deanna Leiber. As a Medieval History buff (and basically history buff in general) she writes in her blog Annales Historiae about really cool interesting stuff in history you may have never heard before. I always read it and walk away saying, "Huh... I never knew that before. That was really cool!"

I hope you all would support them as well as they support me. Again, I have said this a dozen times, but I love you all and I pray God blesses you very richly! I thank God for you all often. God bless!

Following His Call,
Philippians 1:3

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  1. Adam! You shared the link to my blog! This makes me very happy. Thanks for supporting your fellow bloggers and congratulations on being the "Editor's Pick of the Day" even if it was just random. You are awesome as always :)


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