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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hey everyone!

It's 1:00AM and I'm in a contemplative mood for some reason. So much has happened in my life in such a short amount of time, I just can't help but notice all the change going on. Not just in me, but in everyone around me as well.

Recently, I have gone through some major changes. I can't really pin-point them down, but I have noticed a major change in myself. I am working harder, taking on more responsibilities, and actually finishing things where I would've rushed through before and missed out. I am working ahead on projects--where did that come from?! I just feel I am more.... me, I guess.

People in my immediate surroundings also seem to be going through some changes. Since the beginning of January when I first arrived back at school, it seemed like there was so much drama and depression hanging in the air. I was suffering with it too... it was almost like a veil had fallen around me and on the people I was around. Recently, everything seems to have been getting so much better. It seems the problems that were there before are now becoming easier to handle. Yes, the problems are still there, but there seems to be hope now where hope was absent before.

The change does not stop in my immediate surroundings. I was Facebook Stalki--I mean "People Profiling" old friends on Facebook and I couldn't help but notice how much people have changed over the years I haven't seen them. Some people have gotten married. Some people now have kids. Some of my friend's children have grown up so much I hardly recognize them. Some people are in places I would have never in a million years expected them to be (both good and bad). Some people are doing things I would have never imagined they would do (both good and bad). Some people have changed so much I hardly recognize them--either by appearance, the phrases or stati they put on their Facebook, or the friends they now hang out with.

Changes can be good or changes can be bad. I love change; I love new things. I purposely try to do new things to expand my experiences in life. In the past few weeks, I have really seen how changes can be both good and bad.

Last week was our school's Midterm Break, so I had the privileged of heading home to visit my family and friends for a week. On the Sunday before I headed back to school, I visited my home church and, boy, was I glad I did! Not only did I have fun in Sunday School, but the worship was amazing and the message was awesome! The best part about the service was watching my "lil bro" play in the worship band. (During high school, I had a small group of 6th grade guys who I discipled in several ministries. Some of these guys would see me three or four days a week due to our involvement in different ministries, so basically, I got to know these young men REALLY well.) Seeing this "kid" (who is now taller than me and most likely stronger than me) standing up on the worship stage playing the electric guitar was so.... surreal. To see a young, rambunctious 6th grader (who didn't listen to a word I would say half the time) transform into a powerful, lead-guitarist who is using his God-given talents to lead worship and praise God literally brought tears to my eyes.

As I stood there crying, I saw a vision: a vision of God using my "lil bros"; changing their lives and making immature, crazy kids into strong, powerful leaders that would lead the next generation to Christ. Seeing my bro up there was so powerful and so moving I couldn't hold it in. I'm getting goosebumps right now just remembering it. My "lil bro" is an example of good, positive change: willing to step aside and let God do the work in him.

I've also been involved in some major changes at the church I was previously attending, as they are looking for a new pastor (not my home church, but the church I attended up here while I was in college). Many of these changes are not so good. Some people have left the church and I am caught in the middle. I am still serving on select Sundays, but I really no longer attend the church. I am stuck in limbo right now.

People in this church want change, but they are afraid to do it. I've found most people are afraid of change. People can be afraid of change for several reasons: fear of the unknown, fear of having to do something they are uncomfortable with, fear of doing something they don't want to do, fear of what other people think if they do something, fear of making mistakes, and the list goes on.

So what are people's default reaction to change? They fight it. Or, if they want change, they want change to happen their way on their terms. Some people may say they want change, but when it really boils down to it, they have only deceived themselves into believing they want change when they really don't.

This is the problem of the church I was attending. Many of them say they want change but don't mean it. Others want change but want it done their way. Others are scared of any change and want to keep things the way they are. Thus, I am at a standstill, stuck in the middle of it all, trying to make sense of what to do.

I think we need to realize change is a good thing.We fight change for several reasons, but honestly it all boils down to one thing: we are not trusting God when we fight change. We want to hold onto our lives so tightly that we won't let go and let Him have His way most of the time. Jesus wants us to live a life of faith Are you preventing Him from moving in your life?

Not only do we need to realize change is a good thing, but we also need to know too much change to fast can be a bad thing. There is a difference between change that comes from God and change that is initiated by man. God's change lines up with the Bible and many times deals with things we are uncomfortable doing. Yet, in the midst of the changing, Jesus provides stability in our lives because we need some stability in life. We need some routine every once in a while. Too much change can harm us because we have nothing to anchor ourselves to. Are you doing so much that you are missing out on God's plan for your life?

These are big things I've been thinking about at one in the morning. Just remember that change can be a very good thing, but too much of a good thing can be bad. It's time we worked a balance into our life and start to let God lead.  Don't fear change; embrace it, knowing God is in control. Let God be the change in your life so you can be the change for others.

Following His Call,
(Hebrews 13:8)

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