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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey everyone! 

I just really wanted to share this song with you. I feel it really applies to my life right now. (And it's just an awesome song!) I have been struggling with some personal sins, and this song really jumped out to me when I was getting ready one morning. Anyway, I hope it speaks to you like its speaks to me. 


Get me out, (out) 

Get me out (out)

Preacher, preacher what you got for me, save my soul
See beneath, and clip my wings I'm not an angel
I try and try to be good, I've lied with pride, I'm a crook
Turn the lights down, burning up the night now
Sign my life out, I'm sick of livin' in a shell
If you can help choir boy ring the church bells
I'd turn back if I could; erase the pain if I could
But I'm an animal and I don't know if I can

Cause I'm the prodigal man of this avalanche
I'm going down, I'm going down, down
And if you turn me in
I'll confess my sins
I'm going down, I'm going down, down
Before I'm six feet deep
I'm washing my hands clean
Just get me out of this avalanche!

You scared the junk out of me man
The Ghost Rider, hold my soul tighter
Jehovah take the ropes; I'm a
Fly a plane out of the atmosphere
I've attacked this fear
This scar still here
I'm going on to the end
I'm holding onto a friend
I'm going I'm going
I don't care
I cursed a lot
The worse, the black sheep of the lot
Christopher Scott prepare to meet God


Get me out, OUT
Get me out, OUT
Just get me out of this avalanche!
Get me out, OUT
Get me out, OUT
Just get me out of this

You guided me when I was
Blind with pride, a right off
Knocked me off my saddle
Sabotaged and overshadowed
Watched you chase a man down
Watched you raise a man out
Mercy on me, forever I'm free



Following His Call, 
(1 John 1:9)

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