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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey everyone!

Ok, I was reading my good friend, Jill's blog today (I finally got around to it Jill, I'm sorry for being so late!), and she had a really good post about flashmobs (Check it out at: http://thoughtsabovethecanopy.blogspot.com/2010/12/flash-mob-love.html?showComment=1295557409194#c1537074060679893807)

If you have never heard what a flashmob is, it is basically a group of people who get together and plan to do something crazy as a group in some public place. Sounds vague, right? LOL! Well, you just have to see a few of them because it has to be seen to be understood. Here is the one Jill posted on her blog (Yes, Jill, I did steal your video. I'm sorry.):

Isn't that awesome!? I have not been apart of a flashmob yet, but I want to be a part of one. I just think they are funny and awesome. Just go to http://www.youtube.com/ and check some out, they are everywhere! Improve Everywhere does a ton of them.

Ok, despite the awesomeness, God spoke to me through this video. I want you to notice something: these students are not afraid to get out there and act crazy and be stupid in front of a bunch of people they didn't know (or hardly knew). Are you seeing where I am going? It's so easy to get out there and act dumb in front of others we don't know, especially if it involves something of not much importance in the long run. I'm sure that would be a cool story to tell your grandkids one day ("Back in my day, we invaded a mall and danced the Mocarina in the middle of Barnes and Noble..."), but what impact did that really have on anyone? I'm sure walking out of that mall that day, everyone who watched would have a great story to tell to their families ("Dad! You would never guess what we saw in Barnes and Noble!"), but were their lives impacted?

What if we could get that excited about Christ? Why do so many people think that God is boring? Why do they think that the Bible is some dull rulebook? What message are we as Christians portraying Christianity as some tedious religion, when it is about an exciting relationship with Jesus? Are we telling people about that exciting relationship with us?

I know, after watching that video, I got convicted. I used to get so excited about talking about Jesus with others! In many ways, I still am excited; once a conversation starts, I dive in and light up. But sometimes I don't. I have many opportunities to tell people about the awesome friendship I have with Jesus, and sometimes I just dismiss it and don't mention it. I think, "Oh, they won't care," "I don't want to start something that could end up badly," "I just don't have the strength right now," "I don't feel I'm at a good point in my life right now with God, so I can't speak about him properly." What a load of crap! Why do I tell myself these things?

I have so much fun with my Christian friends! Being a Christian is a blast! I have laughed harder and louder with my Christian friends more than I have ever seen other people laugh. Why do I keep that to myself? That joy should be spread.

Think about the flashmob (I know, I'm finally bringing it around). Those people had no problem getting out there and risk their reputation to show people how to have fun. Why don't we do that as Christains? Why don't we get out there and tell people about the Love of our life that has changed us? Why don't we do more flashmobs? We need to get out there and show the world what God has shown us. You with me?

Following His Call,
(Luke 19:10)

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